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James P. MillerHave you been charged with DUI or some other crime? Have you been injured by the negligence of others? Have you been injured at work? Do you have questions about Social Security Disability benefits? Is your own insurance company treating you unfairly or refusing to provide the coverage for which you paid? Are you in a dispute related to real estate, such as a boundary line dispute? Do you have a question about your legal rights? Do you think you might need an attorney?

I can help you answer those questions. I have been protecting my clients' rights for more than 25 years, with offices in offices in Erie and Smethport (McKean County) Pennsylvania. I am a former Magisterial District Judge for Magisterial District Court 48-3-02. I focus my practice on Criminal Defense and also Civil Litigation, such as Auto Accidents and Personal Injury & Death, and Insurance Bad Faith cases, as well as representing injured clients in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability matters. Please contact my firm to schedule a consultation at either of my locations, Erie or Smethport, at a jail, or, if you are injured, in the hospital or at your home. My office hours are by appointment as are out of office meetings.

I will take the time necessary at your initial consultation to discuss your legal problem, the typical procedures for that type of case, answer your questions, and, inform you of your rights and provide you with my recommendations as to the best way to enforce those rights. I will also inform you of the fee structure that will be used during my representation.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please contact me today to schedule a consultation. All major credit cards accepted.

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